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Ages 8 & Up


Ages Groups: Athletes will be divided into 5 divisions across 4 age groups - 8-9, 10-12, 13-16, 17+ Men, & 17+ Women

Note - If an athlete’s birthday is before the end of the season, a 9 year old turns 10, then they must compete in the age group that matches their age at the end of the season June 2018.

Registration: All athletes must be registered annually with the CNL to compete at the CNL championships. Fee - $35pp for combined Team & Individual

CNL members receive a 25% discount for drop in classes & open gyms sessions at any CNL facility. (Ninja Brand Parkour Gym, Ninja Intensity, Warrior Playground)

Teams: Anyone can form a team. You do not need to be associated with a ninja gym or other facility to form your own team. All teams must have at least 1 male and 1 female member to compete at each CNL event in order to earn points for their team.

Regular Season Scoring:

  • All rules & scoring that apply to individual competitors will apply to team competitors.

  • Each Team member will earn 1 League Point for competing at each CNL event

  • Athletes will earn additional points for their teams based on how they place at CNL events.

  • Each team members points will be added towards their teams total.

  • Team athletes who are also competing as individuals do not need to run the course more than once during the regular season. Their run will count towards both their team and individual scoring.

  • Gyms, clubs, groups may enter as many teams as they can field.

  • Team members can be changed during the season if necessary, but the team's points total will be based upon the points earned by each individual on that team. At the end of the season if team member #1 earns 6 points and team member #2 earns 10 points - The Team's total points will be 16.

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