Ages Groups: Athletes will be divided into 7 divisions across 5 age groups - 7 and under, 9 and under, 10 - 12 13-16, 17+ Men & Women Amateur, Men & Women Pro, & Masters Over 40.  Athletes may compete up and age group, however under 16 must jump to pro if they wish to compete up.  For example a 14 year old may compete pro but may not compete amateur since amateur is 17 +.

Note - Athlete’s  will compete in the division based upon their age at the first competition of each season.

Example: If a 9 year old turns 10 the day after the first league competition, then they can still compete in the 9 and under group.  


Registration: All athletes must be registered each season with the CNL to compete at CNL events.  If membership is not paid points from competitions will not be counted until membership is paid.

Fee - $25 plus (convenience fees) for Individuals.  Membership is good for entire season.

Pricing: $50 (plus convenience fees) for all divisions except pro

               $60 for Pros (plus convenience fees)

Sign ups on the day of competition will be charged double and must run first.


Please note we have a few new rules for season 5

Description & Rules: 

Course Description & Rules:  We want to take the pressure off of athletes so they do not fear failing on the first obstacle. Therefore all athletes are allowed to attempt every obstacle on the course whether they complete the obstacle or not. They just need to do so within the set time limit. GYMS CANNOT FORCE MOVES. This means that as long as the athlete gets from the starting platform to the ending platform WITHOUT using truss, Straps/Bolts, touching the ground/out of bounds mats, or any miscellaneous structures, they can use/skip any obstacles.

  • Course walkthrough rules must be recorded DURING THE WALKTHROUGH for each gym so athletes can reference it.

  • Printed description of course rules must be present at walk though.

  • Each course will have a time limit.

  • Max Rest time between obstacles is 30 seconds

  • Athletes will accrue a 30 second penalty for skipping an obstacle. If the athlete makes a "fake" attempt, the judges will decide whether or not to enforce the penalty.

  • Athletes will accrue points for each obstacle they complete. Some obstacles can be worth more points than others, this is up to the gym to decide.

  • Your total points for the day will determine your final placement. If there is a tie on points, placement will be determined by the fastest time.

  • There must be at least 3 in the masters division or they will have to pick pro/amateur.

  • No Forced Moves

  • No Truss/Unapproved Structures

  • No Straps/Bolts

  • Any appeals must be brought to judge or CNL rep before your division is over or if your the last runner as soon as your run is over.


  • Athletes must have CNL membership prior to start of competition for league points to count.

  • Athletes will earn 1 League point for competing at each CNL event

  • Athletes must attempt the course to get full league points.  Registering and not attending will result in no league points.  

  • Athletes will earn additional points based on how they place at CNL events.

  • Athletes will be judged on # of obstacles completed and time to completion. Therefore an athlete who completes 10 obstacles in 4 minutes will place higher and earn more points on a course than an athlete who completes 9 obstacles in 3 minutes.

  • Athletes will earn points based on what place they finish at CNL meets:

    • 1st   = 10 pts

    • 2nd = 9 pts

    • 3rd = 8 pts

    • 4th = 7 pts

    • 5th = 6 pts

    • 6th = 5 pts

    • 7th = 4 pts

    • 8th = 3 pts

    • 9th = 2 pts

    • 10th = 1 pts

    • Note each place will also get the 1 league point for competing.

    • Placement points and obstacle points are 2 different things.


  • Athletes will accumulate League Points at each CNL event. To earn an invite to the championships you must have at least 6 league points. Note: points are based off comp placement and not obstacles completed in the season.

  • Top point leader for each division male & female gain entry to finals for free!

  • All rules are "subject" to change.