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CNLFinals is an invitation only Ninja Competition

  • How to Qualify: The top ⅓ of athletes per age group will be invited to the Championships. This will be determined by the points earned through the regular CNL season. Additionally, any athlete who earned at least 6 points during the season but did not receive an invite, will be eligible to run the Stage 1 Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) course and earn a chance to move on to Stage 2 with the other finalists.

  • Championship format will place ninjas against a 3 stage obstacle course.

  • Athletes will be seeded based upon points earned for the season, those with the lowest points will run 1st. 

    • Athletes who placed in the top 1/3 of the field will start on the Stage 2 course​

    • Athletes who earned at least 6 CNL points will start on the LCQ Stage 1 course.

  • Running Order, ​​For situations where there is a tie, we will use the following method:

  • Tie for a position in the top 5 - We will use a tiebreaker on the day of the competition

  • Tie for a position outside of the top 5 - We will choose a random order.

Running The Course

  • The top 50% of athletes from each stage will advance to the next stage. If the number of competitors is not even, we will round up to include 1 more rather than 1 less athlete.

  • The winner will be determined by the individual who completes the most obstacles in the fastest time for the Stage 3 course.

  • There will be no Mulligans allowed for all competitors per course. When an individual fails to complete an obstacle, their run will end. IF there is still time on the clock competitors will be allowed to attempt the rest of the course "FOR FUN". 

  • Athletes cannot skip any obstacles, they must complete them to move on.